Welcome and Video Introduction to the Transcendental Meditation technique


As certified TM instructors for Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island, we invite you to enjoy this introductory video summarizing what science knows about the TM technique. It offers an interesting theoretical perspective from the standpoint of modern physics. 

Not interested in the scientific aspect, but like to hear more about the TM technique? Please give us a call at 250.383.9822 or email us. We are happy to answer any of your questions and invite you to an Introductory Talk.
The Transcendental Meditation technique's wide range of benefits are often explained as a product of the deep, coherent rest gained during TM practice — a state of restful alertness distinct from ordinary relaxation and other meditative states. Renowned quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin explains the life-transforming effects of the TM technique as resulting from far more than just deep rest: the TM technique is a means of accessing the most fundamental field of order at the basis of nature's functioning — the unified field of natural law — which not only underlies all of the physical world, but also resides deep within human consciousness.

After viewing the video, the next step towards learning the TM technique would be to attend a Preparatory Lecture, where we discuss the mechanics of the technique—how it works—and how TM practice is different from other forms of meditation. We also explain the origins of the technique and give an overview of the TM course. The Intro/Prep lectures provide you with the information you need to decide if you want to learn the TM technique. 
Preparatory talks are given every week or by appointment, and there is no charge for these introductory steps. 

Best wishes
Garry Foster and Helen Foster-Grimmett
Directors - Victoria TM Centre