What Victorians saying about their practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique

“The evidence for the health benefits of Transcendental Meditation are consistent and compelling. In my opinion it is the single most effective prevention technique available.” 

– Michael Greenwood, M.D., Victoria, BC 

"I’ve always been a creative person, but suffered from lack of confidence and energy in manifesting the ideas that were important for me as an artist. Since meditating I find that my inner voice is strong and with increased energy my ideas are coming to fruition. I would recommend TM for any person, but for creative individuals it is an amazing tool. 

In addition to TM, I would suggest reading “Catching the Big Fish” by David Lynch. He has a beautiful way of explaining how TM aids in going deeper within oneself to catch the bigger ideas. I was so inspired by his book that I painted a portrait of him. Enjoy!

Suzanne Bean, Artist, Victoria, BC

David Lynch portrait by Suzanne Bean

"Where I've grown most from my TM practice is in my
ability to be more objective and have a perspective on life - to be 

able to look at any kind of a problem and pull myself back and look 

at what's really happening. That is very powerful. I am thrilled 

that I have this tool that I can rely on every day." 

- Deborah Rubin, Yoga Teacher

"TM helps me focus and relax with my studies, eliminating

most of my anxiety and stress, and places me in the right for mindset everyday challenges." 

- Teo T, University Student, Victoria, BC

"New friends can’t believe that I am a grandmother, and my grown children are always asking me where I get my energy from: TM gives me that extra boost of energy to work through my hectic days and still feel rested.” 

- Kathryne McCarthy, Businesswoman, Victoria, BC