Award-winning jazz prodigy Keelan Dimick describes the Transcendental Meditation technique as a tool for unfolding deeper levels of creativity. 

Smithsonian artist Mindy Weisel talks about her experience of learning the Transcendental Meditation technique, and how it impacted her art in surprising ways.


Catholic priest Father Len Dubi explains the influence of his practice of Transcendental Meditation on his religious and personal life.

Sir Paul McCartney speaks with David Lynch about his experience learning Transcendental Meditation 40 years ago in India, and his role in supporting the TM program in the schools.

Videos of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation program

at Lake Louise, Alberta 
In this inspiring talk, Maharishi explains the nature of consciousness and the mechanics of transcending. A stimulating introduction to the Transcendental Meditation technique. (6:11)

Maharishi on Creating Ideal Relationships 
Relationships are based on giving, but we can only give what we have — or what we are. Unfolding one's inner potential through twice-daily Transcendental Meditation practice establishes the foundation for truly fulfilling relationships. (3:17)

Maharishi: The Merv Griffin Show 1975 
In this historic clip from the Merv Griffin Show in 1975, Maharishi talks about the dawn of a new era for life on earth — the dawn of a true "Age of Enlightenment." It was through "the windows of science" that Maharishi felt compelled to declare this profound, positive change in the trends of time. (2:14)